Here is what our customers are saying after using 1-2-3 Just Play With Me:

This product is really great and I like that you all made the examples really ‘easy’ to follow and fun, and with readily available items (whether they are things in the home or things easy to find at WalMart, Target, online, etc)!  Very family friendly writing with no ‘jargon’ which was nice and everything is written in a very positive manner.  All of these examples do something else besides work on enhancing a child’s fine motor development-they facilitate the positive bond between mom (caregiver) and child!!  SOOOO important for overall child development!   We all know about references out there on what to feed our children, how to help them sleep, how to correct their behavior and what they should be doing developmentally-but what is lacking is a comprehensive resource for families that teaches them fun and easy ways to enhance their child’s overall development!  What a great gift for parents-to-be, new parents or parents of very young children!  Well done!
  ~ Leslie Bowman, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Mommy

I love 1-2-3 Just Play With Me!  My baby is 5 months old and the developmental information I found on the cards has been exactly right and it is so exciting to look ahead to see what is coming next!  My husband and I used to scour baby books (books we spent a lot of money on!) looking for the kind of information that is located in one easy place with the 1-2-3 Just Play With Me cards!  And nowhere else have we found the kind of strategies that are listed at each stage of development.  Now I know appropriate activities that I can do with my baby at each stage and what activities will help him develop skills, and that is a tremendous gift to me as a mother!  I feel like I have a window into exactly what is going on with my baby!
  ~ Maren Sonstegard-Spray, Pastor and Mommy

The perfect product for parents by parents! This has been such a wonderful reference for us as we watch our babies grow.
  ~ Denise Matheny, Pharmacist and Mommy

A wonderful resource for new and veteran parents.  1-2-3 Just Play With Me is something that I can use daily and quickly.  As a mom of 4 children under 5, I don’t have much time to read lengthy books on development and this product truly provides me with a wealth of knowledge from experienced service providers and most of all moms.  Having 4 little ones, I have learned quickly that they are all unique in their personalities and development, this tool has assisted me in recognizing these differences and embracing them.
~ Shannon Staub, Special Educator and Mommy

What a fantastic product!  Finally something that has vital, valuable content and is so parent-friendly. No need to search through hard-to-read texts, the 1- 2-3 Just Play With Me cards offer fun, easy activities that will focus on your child’s development and strengthen the bond between parent and child. There is no better way to provide enrichment for your child than through play, what parents and children do best!  I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Lacy and Nicole (the founders, along with their husbands, of Milestones and Miracles) and have seen firsthand the amazing difference they’ve made in the lives of so many families. Take advantage of their expertise – get out your books, blocks, crafts, and imaginations and watch the magic happen!
~ Beth Aliveto, Speech-Language Pathologist and Mommy