FLAT Ms. Lacy

FLAT Ms. Lacy ready to be mailed out to some of her favorite little people!

I miss my little people! I miss interacting with them and their families. I miss their hugs! I miss seeing parents in person, in action. I even miss my commute! But in spite of all that I miss, I’m thankful to continue to provide EI services via tele therapy. Although tele therapy was a big PIVOT for me, I’m finding my way and feeling much more comfortable now than I did six weeks ago. I’m trying to stay focused on the positive and love seeing the continued progress with my little people, all credit to their amazing families who are taking the reigns and positively impacting their child’s growth and development in amazing ways!

Over the past weeks I’ve been thinking of ways to connect with my work families other than just our tele therapy visits. I’ve continued to leave birthday presents on doorsteps and mailed pictures and handouts when needed but wanted to do something more. Then I saw this idea and knew I had to do it! Some of the teachers at my kids’ elementary school created flat versions of themselves and mailed them to students with ideas of things to do with their flat teacher. Their idea was inspired by the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. So I created a Flat version of myself and adapted ways to interact and play with Flat Ms. Lacy that are appropriate for toddlers.

I’ve had so much fun creating this! I hope my little ones enjoy the Flat me! It may not be the same as seeing me in person, but it’s a little something until we can be together again! Please feel free to download my activities and adapt them to yourself and the children you serve. Drop us a line on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter with your Flat therapy self! We would love to see you!