Black Friday Gift For Therapists & Early Childhood Professionals!

Therapists & Early Childhood Professionals – purchase a copy of 1-2-3 Just Play With Me anytime on Thanksgiving Day through midnight on BLACK FRIDAY and you will receive a FREE set of useful handouts to use with parents and teachers/staff. We’ve created detailed handouts like the one below on our TOP 10 TOPICS (aka the things we repeat OVER and OVER as therapists!) So let us help you reinforce your message by having your own copies of these on your computer to reuse as many times as you like!

Topics incude:

BYE BYE BINKIE (Risks of prolonged sucking and strategies for weaning)
READ ALL ABOUT IT (Benefits and tips for daily literacy)
TUMMY TIME TIPS (Benefits & tips for tummy time)
ALL ABOUT PLAY (Information for parents of staying focused on play based activities)
THE WONDERS OF BLOCK PLAY (A beautiful picture graphic on the many uses of blocks)
IS TV SAFE FOR BABY? (Guidelines and education on screens and the young child)
WHAT DOES READY FOR KINDERGARTEN MEAN ANYWAY? (Education & tips on pre-K play based readiness)
PICTURE THIS (Education & tips for picture based communication)
LEARNING TO SPEAK (Articulation Development)
TOY TIPS (Support on choosing toys with a developmental purpose and setting up a play space).

SIMPLY purchase the product from our homepage, send it to yourself or someone you love as a gift (we ship for FREE in the US and can include a gift card – just add your message in the notes at checkout), and also add FREE HANDOUTS PLEASE in the notes. You will receive 10 PDF copies within 24 hours to the email you provide at check out! (P.S. Make sure to leave your email in the pop up for a 10% code!)



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