The Importance of The Halloween Clearance Sale

Candy to buy. Pumpkins to carve. Cider to pour. It’s almost time! I love Halloween. It’s the one holiday that we actually give to kids to let them do what they want – run around all sugared up dressed as whatever their imaginations can dream up. It’s imaginary play at it’s finest. And while the costumes on the shelves today might be ridiculously over priced, they will be marked down next week. So get ready parents, because the Halloween after sale holds more importance than you think. Most think those odds and ends that don’t really make a full costume are not worth the time, but those are my most favorite. Why? Halloween costume pieces are one of my favorite FOREVER TOYS. At Milestones & Miracles, we hold high regard for the FOREVER TOY – The toy that has the desirable quality of actually not DOING IT ALL for your child – the toy that has infinite possibilities – when all you add is a child’s imagination.

So make a date with the sales next week and pick up those odds and ends. I promise you, they will be well worth their money in the long run. Here’s some examples of how we play with them in our house.


photo copy 4

Old Halloween costumes, dance costumes, and dress up clothes hang on a small hanger rack in our basement. From the time our kids were 18 months or so until now (7 & 9 years old), they have loved having the independence of choosing their own fun clothes to play in.


photo copy 5

Odds & ends may be junk to some, but not to our crew. Some came from Halloween, others from parties, the dollar store, or yes – even Mom’s old ballet slippers.

photo copy 6

My old scrapbook bins (no, I don’t have time for scrapping right now) have turned into a home for beads, buttons, tiaras, and play make up.


Example of creative genius #1: My nephew turned my old lab coat, an outdated video camera, my Dad’s broken reading glasses, and a crazy old clown wig into a mad scientist costume that I just loved!


photo copy 2

Soon to be added to our clothing rack of fun – this years costumes – my pink lady, and…

photo copy

my sweet as sugar Southern Belle


Toddlers have waddled in plastic high heels on our floors, preschoolers have directed their first plays in these costumes, and my elementary schoolers have directed many music videos (imagine 20 different Gangham Style versions and countless Taylor Swift videos). Sometimes the clutter and the constant need to direct the clean up of these gems drives be batty, but the joy of watching their imaginations soar with these FOREVER TOYS is well worth it every time.

What are ways you encourage imaginative play into your  children’s lives? What are their favorite characters to dress up like? Share with us!

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