Real Play Is Timeless

Every July 4th, we go on a journey….

To the land that seems stuck in time.

Where people greet you with warm hellos and hugs.

Where children sweat, and run, and swim….

and win monopoly money that can purchase ice cream for doing their best in the three legged race, the wheel barrel race, egg toss, tug of war (girls always rule!) and more.

Where my daughters hear stories about their Daddy as a child and feel the same butterflies in their tummies as they slip down the water slide as he once did.

Where kids squeal as they jump into a murky lake having the time of their lives (and their mama bites her tongue for fear of what’s under that algae).

Where casual cookouts welcome family & neighbor.

Where people take time to sit on a shaded porch and catch up while rocking.

Where children decorate bikes to show off in a parade and Uncle Sam (on stilts) hands out bubble gum and walks with them.

Where a whole community stands to say the pledge and listen to a lucky child sing God Bless America.

Where freshly showered kids in PJ’s curl on our laps and watch fireworks from their Nana’s deck.

Every year, on July 4th, we take a trip to a land that seems stuck in time. Where for one day people seem to forget about political fighting, terrorists and bombs, and the state of the economy. Where people love more and kids are allowed to be kids and PLAY HARD & it’s a beautiful thing.

Happy 4th of July Friends. Make sure to invite PLAY to your cook out!














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