The Kind Of Mom I WILL Be This Summer

Summer has arrived at our house. There are what seems like 400 pieces of art projects, journals, and certificates that need filed. There are teary I’m-going-to-miss-my-teacher-my-friends-my-school eyes. At the same time there are How-much-TV-can-I-get-by-with-how-long-can-I-stay-up eyes. There are sentimental memories and exciting days ahead.  There are big plans (mine & theirs).

When my daughters were smaller (BSA or Before School Age), summer signified no major change in my life, except that childcare became easier as my school teacher mother couldn’t wait to get her paws on their cutie-patootie swim diapered selves. But the ASA (after school age) chapter brought with it a HUGE shift in our schedules. Call me a dork, but I do miss my kids when they are at school during the year (I’m typing this because I will need reminded of it in approximately 45 minutes when I start to wonder if they’ll make it through the summer alive). All jokes aside, summer holds as much excitement for them as it does for me. As a part time everything (physical therapist, business owner, mother, wife, volunteer etc.) I feel blessed and stressed. Blessed at the opportunity for part time everything, but stressed that I constantly feel like I only half way do anything.   I purposefully cut back work hours in the summer in an attempt to be more of a full time mom. I had a full time summer mom (lucky teachers), and LOVED having carefree summer days so for me the nostalgia kicks in big time.

It is June 4th and my dreams are big. In my mind, I will be super Mom. I will be reading every day Mom. I will be swim as much as we can Mom. I will be growing veggies on the deck and cooking them daily Mom. I will be cool hands-on science experiment learning Mom. I will be get to those cool devotional activities stored in my email archive  Mom. I will be help kids write to pen pals and Grandmas Mom..and spur of the moment 2 day road trip Mom. I will be fire fly chasing, S’mores making, star gazing Mom. I will be seashell finding, sandcastle making, cloud staring Mom…and lemonade stand Mom. I will be a stomp in rain puddles Mom and turn on the sprinkler (just because) Mom. I will be play tennis, ride bikes, and hike the hills fitness Mom (as a miraculous byproduct, I will become incredibly fit Mom). On rainy days, I will be clean out the closets and organize all those certificates Mom. I will be start to learn another language Madre. I will be bring smiles and popsicles to the 12 kids playing kick ball in my yard Mom. And through it all, I will be savor the moment, give all the hugs I wish I could during the year Mom.

Big goals. I know. So I feel I need support, and in the past week in an effort to keep me on track for this summer master plan, I have decided I need to find some real help. So, I took to Pinterest (where all amazingly helpful ideas come from – of course), to gather support. And support I found! I also found something that I actually DID (and not just pinned). It’s not often this happens.  Ready for it….here it comes..the chore organization center (click here for the link to it if you wish). Here it is.

chore chart

The answer to all my problems. A way to have the kids chip in on what they MUST do, while at the same time offering extra jobs so that they can earn money (and a sense of independence, confidence, and work ethic). I sat them down and explained the rules. I also explained that in order for me to reach my goals of being super Mom (and all the other Moms), they HAD to put their laundry in the hamper and cereal bowls in the sink (among other things).

The next tool needed in my summer blueprints for loveliness is the Bucket List. We make it every year and started tonight but didn’t finish yet (it takes time to dream properly). We list things we all want to do either on our own or as a family. It is whimsical and dreamy. And the yin to my self-admitted chore chart yang. Life is about balance, right?



You know what they say about best laid plans, right? Well, I do too. Remember, I said I get delusional like this EVERY year.  But a Moma must try. “Shoot for the heavens and you’ll land among the stars” says the original Super Nanny herself, Mary Poppins! Check back with me in July. I’ll likely be, “Go-turn-on-the-TV-Mom.” and “If-you-don’t-stop-fighting-Mom,” and “”How-many-days-till-school-starts-Mom.” But we will have had one hell of a June!

Mark my words!

And I’ll blink and fall will come blowing in, and I will get inspired again…going back into my “It’s all changing again..I need a plan” mode. And I’ll remember that I wrote THIS  at the change of the season last year. And I will laugh myself..the dreamer and the planner.


Happy Summer to all you BSA Moms (and Dads) and ASA Moms (and Dads). If you are dreaming up summer fun for your smallest summer pals, let us help! 1-2-3 Just Play With Me pairs development with fresh PLAY IDEAS for the first 3 years. In The Know Mom says it is “one of the coolest baby/kid products (they) have ever come across.” Read more of their review HERE. To celebrate what they had to say (we were really excited), we are offering a discount for the rest of this week. Click our WHAT YOU GET page or more details! 



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