Take Time To Thank a Teacher

Did you know this week is teacher appreciation week? Here at Milestones & Miracles, we both have been busy bees helping our children’s schools show appreciation for the many things our teachers bless our children with.

Teachers have the occupation that might have the longest lasting impression on a child. Besides parents, who we believe are THE best first teachers, those who teach spend their time, share their talent, and leave their individual stamps on our children’s passports of learning.

I was thinking about those teachers who did the same for me and how fresh their personalities remain in my memory.  Mrs. Pietration (3rd grade) had beautiful long red hair and I can still remember her voice reading Super Fudge to our class as we rested our sweaty heads on our desk after recess (back when recess was long enough to work up a sweat!). Mrs. Serdy (4th grade) sparked my love of science and tapped into my creative side by letting us have countless class pets (from plants, to butterflies, to hamsters) and helping us “self publish” our own class newspaper.  Mrs. Kendrick(8th grade) made math enjoyable for me and helped me realize that God was present in all I did. Mr. Quattrone (High School) introduced me to my loves of Physiology & Anatomy and planted the seed that is now my vocation – being a Physical Therapist. Dr. Corrie Mancinelli (graduate school)showed me by example and gentle nudging what female medical professionals could do.

Teachers work hard. My mother has been teaching for over 40 years. She never stops learning. She never stops grading papers or finding new books or creative ways to encourage her students to write.  More importantly, she reads what they write (even though often this makes her worry), and does what she can to build confidence and offer support to help children aim higher than a good grade in her English class — she helps them reach for a better life.

When I think of my Mom, my own teachers, and the amazing people who encourage, challenge, and love my daughters as much as I love them myself (and I believe that), I’m almost breathless. We trust teachers with much, and my family has been blessed with much.

Take time this week to thank a teacher. Write a former one of your own or send a note to your child’s teacher. Speaking as the daughter who has read the letters my non-scrap booking mother has tenderly tucked into a portfolio, YOUR WORDS MATTER. They make the low pay, snotty noses, and federal test guidelines worth it. These selfless individuals got into teaching because they wanted to change lives. Gift them by reminding them how they have changed yours!





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