PRACTICE (and a mom not afraid of a mess) is the best teacher!

So I posted this pic of my youngest last week and thought I would share more since we got such a great response to it.  It was a random morning, nothing special, except it dawned on me I had never let her try to spoon feed herself.  What was I waiting for???!!!  As an EI therapist I know that no new skill can be learned unless it can first be practiced.  And as an experienced mother I know that some  skills require a little mess too!

So here you have it.  Her first experience with spoon feeding independence.  She did great!  More importantly she had fun!  Would I have allowed such a mess with my first child…probably not!  But that’s one of the many benefits of being the third; mommy’s tired, older and wiser.  Which means she gets looser rules and more FUN!

The spoon handle works too!

Licking every last bit of it up!

Forget the spoon, back to my fingers!

Lots still in there…but how do I get it out?

Like this!!!

That was FUN! Was I really learning?!



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