The Wonderful World of WATER BEADS!


Oh, the wonderful world of water beads!  We hadn’t discovered these fascinating, fantastic water-filled wonders until recently after attending a conference.  Our kids were pumped when we brought these home and let them dig in.  Of course we worked this  play activity to include some purpose: color recognition, sorting, sizing, fine motor work, etc.  Below we share with you our ideas for fun with water beads…do you have any to add?  We purchased our beads from Let’s Dig In.  However other parents have shared with us water beads can be found in stores like Walmart and The Dollar Tree as well.  Kids love to get messy, they love to feel different textures with their hands and on occasion, they like to get dirty!  Water beads are another great addition to enhance your kids’ sensory experiences and help them learn through PLAY!

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