Stuff your Stockings with This

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

But all the parents gave was an open blank stare.

What to fill the stockings with they had no clue

Until they read this blog then they knew just what to do!


Stocking stuffers, though fun in theory, are a sort of pain in my side every Christmas.  Each year I struggle to be creative and each year I fail!  I have been known to stuff them with practical things like toothbrushes and toothpaste, but my now 6 year old would be less than enthused with the discovery of those items in her stocking again this year.  So after some conversations with my creative “mommy posse” friends I have compiled this list to help you (and me!) finish up your last minute shopping and create a stocking filled with excitement for your little one(s) to enjoy on Christmas morning!


For the Artist:  pipe cleaners, pom poms, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, google-y eyes, feathers, scissors, markers, colored pencils, paint set, paint brushes, stickers, stamps, stamp pad



For the Explorer: binoculars, magnifying glass, flashlight, plastic bugs, plastic gardening tools (to dig up those backyard treasures)




For the Princess: plastic jewelry, crown, feather boa, wand, fancy plastic shoes, tutu, fake flowers (my daughter played and played with a bunch of fake daisies until they fell apart, they make a great wedding bouquet and help set a fancy table for a tea party)



For the Prince:  crown, army hat, army men, pirate eye patch, pirate hook, superhero mask, plastic handcuffs, policeman badge



For the Jokester: fake mustaches, crazy glasses, new joke book, hand buzzer, trick gum, wax lips/teeth



Throwback stocking: bag of marbles, set of jacks, harmonica, pick up stix, jump rope, kaleidoscope, finger puppets, bouncy ball, slinky, wind up toys



For the Baby: baby puffs, pacifiers, sippy cup, rattle, bibs, board books



For the Bathing Beauty: bathtub crayons, bubble bath, bath squirters, foam letters, bath fizzers, bathtub finger paints



For the Musician: maracas, drums sticks, bells, harmonica, recorder, horn



So there you go, hopefully you can take some good ideas away from this blog to help you create a memorable stocking for your loved one.  My goal is for my kids’ stockings to be filled this year with items they love so much they don’t notice the candy that isn’t in them!  Merry Christmas!


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