A New Look From an Old Friend

I am a firm believer that people cross into your lives and become friends at various stages and for specific reasons.  One of those stages in the “Mom journey” is the preschool stage. The preschool stage is one of great transition…and one of yoga pants! As a mother in this stage, I was finally out of my pajamas with a baby on each of my hips, but nowhere close to full-fledged professional attire (or behavior!).


Preschool is a transition…a tiptoe back into the waters of the real world, but in the safety and comfort of yoga pants! I feel forever bonded with the army of mothers armed in their own yoga pants who lined up in that preschool drop off line with me daily for years.  While we were sometimes surprised by the enjoyment of a few free moments for coffee and adult conversation, we were often comforted by the solidarity of the frantic waves, cell phone glued to ear, and crying child stuck to our legs.


One of the members of my preschool mommy-crew was Kathy Zvatson.  This kind and chic Momma of two darling boys, was always soft spoken and kind and ALWAYS had a camera with a ginormous lens attached. I quickly learned she was as talented as she was sweet! Kathy is the founder and owner of Bellies To Earth Photography.  While all of her artistic photography is incredible, her color work is specifically stunning and she specializes and has quite the eye for capturing the miracle of birth (yes, in the delivery room – you must check out her work). 


At Milestones & Miracles, we are HONORED to showcase many of Kathy’s photos on our website.  As our business has grown in the last few years, so has our collective family – The Morise family added one more miracle to our crew! At the same time, we were in desperate need to find a more effective way to capture 1-2-3 Just Play With Me. Kathy recently blessed us again with the gift of capturing both our expanded crew and the product we are so proud of! We are excited to share some of the images here with you and hope you will head over to Bellies To Earth to “ohhhh” and “awww” over some more of Kathy’s work.  So, I say THANK YOU to Kathy – for yoga pants, coffee, smiles, hugs, and the sharing of your friendship and incredible talent!

The Whole Milestones & Miracles Family



1-2-3 Just Play With Me


Our color coded system divides information by color into the 5 domains of child development


Here we are! Teammates turned roommates turned lifelong friends and now business partners!


Lacy’s Family


Nicole’s Family


Sister like friends


The eyes of a child are a beautiful thing!



Life is JOY when you take time to PLAY!

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