Holiday DIY

I feel very fortunate that my children have 8 grandparents, 28 aunts and uncles and countless cousins to celebrate the holidays with.  Unfortunately at holiday time my wallet won’t stretch far enough to purchase gifts for EVERYone…hence the crafting begins!  Luckily for us, our family most enjoys handmade treasures from the kids.  My grandfather does not want another can of mixed nuts, my father has way more ties than he can wear and my grandmas and mom have more scented lotion and fancy bubble bath than they could ever use in their lifetime!!  So with a little time and a few inexpensive supplies, the kids and I can cross several names off of our list and have fun while doing so.

So if you find yourself scrambling for a good gift idea and unsure how your budget is going to afford all those presents, consider one of these DIY crafts:

Homemade clay magnets


Homemade snowball soap

DIY Snowglobe

Original artwork calendars

No-sew fleece blanket


For more ideas visit our Pinterest board DIY Holiday Gifts.

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