Paying It Forward

Here at Milestones & Miracles we love to pay it forward.  In fact, when we started our business back in 2010, helping others was our main motivation.  We wanted to help parents, children and families by educating them about child development and the importance of play.  This past week we were able to start giving back to our community in an effort to fulfill this mission.  Wednesday evening Nicole and I presented at the Entrpreneurs’ Café in Shepherdstown, WV.  We competed against 4 other awesome small businesses from the area to win a cash award.  We were honored to win and shared with those in attendance what we intended to do with our winnings.  Read more about it here.


Friday morning we met with Mr. Mitch Greenbaum of the WIC Nutrition office in Martinsburg, WV.  We donated 5 boxes of 1-2-3 Just Play With Me to his staff.  Our hope is that 1-2-3 Just Play With Me will help the staff better answer questions, better assess children’s needs and refer children to other agencies should they have concerns.  We hope the information from 1-2-3 Just Play With Me that is shared with families helps them to interact and enjoy their children more.  We also hope that should a family have any concerns about their child’s development, 1-2-3 Just Play With Me can be a tool in helping them to decide if they need to seek further help.




I have no doubt we will be pursuing more opportunities to pay it forward in the future.  With the holiday approaching we are thankful for many things this week; our families, our business, and the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world around us.  Blessings to you and yours this week and always!


Lacy and Nicole

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