Documentary of a 2 year old!

We’ve all been there…so frustrated you just want to throw yourself to the ground, kick your feet and scream as loud as you can!  Two year olds “go there” and often.

Tantrums are part of growing up (and part of typical development).  There’s an age when tantrums peak and occur more frequently and then as the child becomes better at expressing their desires and understanding reasoning the tantrums lessen.  But just imagine being two; you are told what to do, when to do it and how to do it ALL the time.  You hear “NO!” more than yes and rarely are you asked what you want to do.  I would be frustrated too!  

I don’t remember what my son was having a tantrum about in these pictures, but it was obviously important to him.  The pictures were taken this past summer and six months later he still has days like this.  But, I’m happy to report, these days are becoming fewer as he continues to grow and develop.  As the parent of a frustrated two year old remember to keep your cool, ignore the tantrum as much as you can and if they need your comfort to settle down, offer it.  And like my Grandma (mother of 7) says, “This stage will pass and the next one will be worse, so ENJOY IT!” 

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