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is to empower parents and equip therapists with practical, developmentally appropriate resources that encourage purposeful play — the best way a young child learns.

By combining our knowledge and experience as both therapists and parents, we created Milestones & Miracles, LLC to be the go-to resource for therapists and parents dedicated to early childhood development.

We’ve designed pediatric courses with Medbridge Education, comprised a website and blog full of helpful resources, and developed the award-winning, pediatrician approved 1-2-3 Just Play With Me — everything you need to help you enjoy your baby’s growth as it occurs naturally!

Along with our growing community of parents and professionals, we believe that

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Our resource center for Parents.
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For Professionals


Our resource center for Therapists and Professionals.
CEUs, print-outs, and products.

(or, when two therapists have their own kids and realize something is missing…)

Our story is one of colliding worlds: as therapists (SLP & PT) we pair purposeful play with milestones that we address with our clients, and we understand the benefit of doing so; as mothers we longed for a resource that did the same in a practical format that we actually had time for.

We were also troubled by a growing trend focused on “academic” activities for infants and toddlers. After years of answering questions from friends wondering when to expect milestones and how to encourage them along, we decided to fill a gap we saw in the early learning world and Milestones & Miracles, LLC and 1-2-3 Just Play With Me were created. LEARN MORE»



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