IF YOU CAN READ THIS, THANK A TEACHER! creative ideas to celebrate some important people

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The end of the school year is an exciting time full of anticipation and summer dreamin’!  But it can also be a bit overwhelming:  the parties, field days, field trips, testing, book fairs, carnivals etc.  But one thing that adds to the crazy end-of-the-school-year rush that I love is Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week!  My […]

What I learned from a real life superhero without a cape

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A few weeks ago, amongst the CRAZY of end of school year activities, we traveled to our state’s capital Charleston, WV.  My youngest daughter won our county’s Young Writer’s Contest for her age and with that came an invitation to spend the day on the University of Charleston’s campus with published authors in writing workshops. […]

The Day My Little NINJA Drop Kicked the ANGEL on My Shoulder – MY MESSY BEAUTIFUL

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Like so many others my life is MESSY and BEAUTIFUL but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  As a speech-language pathologist I am privileged to serve young children in their homes getting to know their families on an intimate level.  It’s incredibly rewarding to work so closely with those who want to impact their […]

“The Look” And What It Silently Says to Me From A Sibling Of A Child With Special Needs

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Last week I got the opportunity to speak at career day at my daughter’s school.  I drag my big therapy ball, some thera-band and thera-putty, my anatomy coloring book, a baby doll, and other interesting goodies that I play with every day into the school every time I am asked to do this.  The “regular […]

Are The Shoes We Are Asking Them To Fill Simply Too Big? How What You Know (or Don’t Know) About Child Development Could Be Affecting Your Child

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This article is currently running in the 2014 Annual Family Resource Guide Edition of Child Guide Magazine. Check out the entire issue online at: http://www.childguidemagazine.com/  “Stop running,” says the mother to the 4 year old. “Sit still,” the embarrassed father whispers sternly to his toddler at story hour. “If you don’t know these sight words […]

BIG INSPIRATION IN A tiny PACKAGE- how a little girl with CAS taught me to believe and persevere.

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I received the phone call after recently rejoining the workforce from  maternity leave with my second child.  I remember exactly where I was when the service coordinator called to ask if I would consider joining the team of a  2 year old diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) whose parents are both special educators.  […]

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